Ultra Duathlon

The ultimate test! The Ultra Duathlon challenge is not to be taken lightly and requires you to be more of an experienced competitor who fancies a serious challenge. The undulating terrain offers a tough race that when finished will be a great achievement. Are you ready for this?


The Ultra Duathlon has established itself as the premier long distance duathlon race in the UK and offers a challenge that appeals to the thousands of athletes now focussing on longer distance racing. The 20km run / 77km bike / 10km run challenge is one of the few opportunities to race at these distances in the UK and sits alongside the Duathlon and the Half Duathlon distance events for the London Duathlon.

The Ultra Duathlon starts with two laps of Richmond Park for the first run, followed by seven laps on the bike and a further full lap of the Park to finish. Places in the event are limited and will be available on a first come, first served basis. Open to participants over 18 years old, there will be a time limit of 7hrs to complete the distance. Below is an indication of the average time to complete the course and a guide to the cut off.

Run 1: 20km (2 laps of 10km course)

The first Ultra Duathlon run involves a steady climb up from Roehampton Gate to Richmond Gate, following the road south turning left at the Ham Gate junction, cutting through the Park on the road between Pen Ponds and Isabella Plantation. At Pen Ponds Car Park it turns left, turning just before White Lodge, down the hill to Robin Hood Gate and finally climbs gently back to Roehampton Gate and Transition. At the end of lap 1, enter transition, turn right immediately, run down the racking rows, turn left and head for the Run Out to pick up the second lap. 

Bike: 77km (7 laps)

The Ultra Duathlon bike route is the clockwise carriageway of the main Park road, travelling in the opposite direction to the run and is quite technical involving several climbs and descents where care is needed. On leaving transition, it heads south past Robin Hood Gate, at which point the whole width of the road is available to cyclists. There is a short, steep climb up Broomfield Hill and then a steep descent down past Kingston Gate. As the route climbs gradually up past Ham Gate the carriageway is again shared with runners, to Richmond Gate. From Richmond Gate the route descends back down to Roehampton Gate. The Ultra bike route will have designated water stations for particpants but you should still carry at least two water bottles to keep well hydrated.

Run 2: 10km course (1 lap)

The second Ultra Duathlon run heads out of the run out and joins the road, completing the same lap as for the first run. As you approach the Race Village run under the pedestrian bridge and look out for signs to the Finish, which is on the left.