Duathlon Relay

If you are more of a team player or do not have enough time to train for the whole event on your own, then this race is for you. Taking part in a team of two or three, this is a great opportunity to share the workload and have more fun doing it. The event also is attractive to people who are specifically cyclists or runners and can forge a strong team.


Run 1: 10km course (1 lap)

The first Duathlon Relay run involves a steady climb up from Roehampton Gate to Richmond Gate, following the road south turning left at the Ham Gate junction, cutting through the Park on the road between Pen Ponds and Isabella Plantation. At Pen Ponds Car Park it turns left, turning just before White Lodge, down the hill to Robin Hood Gate and finally climbs gently back to Roehampton Gate and Transition. The first 250m of the route is an undulating grass section adjacent to Roehampton Car Park, you will then join the Park Road travelling on the anti-clockwise carriageway around the perimeter of the Park.  

Bike: 44km (4 laps) 

The Duathlon Relay bike route is the clockwise carriageway of the main Park road, travelling in the opposite direction to the run and is quite technical involving several climbs and descents where care is needed. On leaving transition it heads south past Robin Hood Gate, at which point the whole width of the road is available to cyclists. There is a short, steep climb up Broomfield Hill and then a steep descent down past Kingston Gate. As the route climbs gradually up past Ham Gate the carriageway is again shared with runners, to Richmond Gate. From Richmond Gate the route descends back down to Roehampton Gate.   

Run 2: 5km course (1 lap) 

The second Duathlon Relay run leaves transition via the run out, to join the run route. Please be aware there may be competitors starting their race coming from the left. The route heads up the hill towards Richmond, but turns left after the rugby pitches towards White Lodge, cutting through the middle of the Park via Pen Ponds and Robin Hood Gate. To return to the Race Village, come under the pedestrian bridge and look for signs to the Finish on your left.