Richmond Park, Sunday 16 September 2018



Are you and your club mates looking for a new challenge? This year, the Descente London Duathlon will incorporate a new Club Championships where we will find out who really is the best sports club in London and beyond. And this isn’t limited to one type of club, we’re extending the championships to include ANY sporting club that wants to take on the challenge. 
So, if you’re part of a rowing club and you fancy your chances against the best triathlon clubs, or if you think runners are better than cyclists, why not sign up today and show them what you are made of?


How does it work?
Clubs will need a minimum of five club members to enter the Duathlon (full distance) to qualify for the Club Championships. The competition will be determined by a combination of performance and participation. The rules will work as follows:
  • Enter five+ club members to qualify for the Club Championships.
  • Your CLUB TIME will be calculated by the combined time of your top five finishers.
  • BONUS TIME will be awarded based on the number of people who enter from your club (1 minute per club member)
  • The BONUS TIME will be deducted from your CLUB TIME to determine your FINAL TIME.
  • The club with the fastest FINAL TIME will top the leader board and be crowned champions.


What you will get from us?
  • Clubs entered into the Club Championships will receive the following benefits:
  • Discounted entry to the full distance Duathlon 
  • Club members will start together in same wave
  • Exclusive access to special training events 
  • Trophy and bragging rights (if you win!)


  1. Gather your team mates* 
  2. Contact us at
  3. Receive your club code and entry instructions > click here to enter
  4. Share on social and challenge your rivals
So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now on to receive all the info you need to get started!
*if club members have already entered the event please contact us and we will be able to link them to your club.