You will face two sets of running when competing in a duathlon - to start the race and to finish the race, with cycling taking place between these two sets. To change between running and cycling you will race through transition.

Running etiquette

Duathlons, like many other races, have rules and recommendations to adhere to ensuring all competitors enjoy the event. It is worth considering these during training:

  • Run on the left at all times, unless overtaking
  • Be aware of other competitors trying to pass you and take care when passing other competitors 
  • No headphones or music players are allowed on any routes
  • It is your responsibility to complete the required course successfully

Running gear

Finding running-specific trainers is one of the first steps towards making your race experience more enjoyable. We recommend you have a trainers fitting with local experts to ensure that your chosen trainers do not hurt your feet. You may also wish to get a gait analysis, which will identify if you need a particular type of trainer. If you’re an aspiring triathlete, using elastic laces will help save you time in transition. When choosing your trainers, bear in mind that our Richmond Park course is quite undulating, and has a couple of hills, so be prepared and do not wear new running shoes on race day!

Drink stations

There will be water stations along the running routes on both courses before Sheen Crossing, at Pen Ponds car park and at Pembroke Lodge.

Race day reminder

While running your race number must be displayed facing the front, either by swivelling round your race belt after cycling, or by pinning the number in four corners to the front of your t-shirt.