London Duathlon Rules


The Race Officials are permitted to give time penalties and disqualifications (DQ).

The time penalty/DQ will be added to your overall time. The time penalty/DQ will be recorded (race number only) on a penalty board placed at the BIKE OUT exit of transition.


  1. Littering – on course or in village (whilst taking part) will result in a DQ. Includes gel tops. Can be inadvertent littering, all participants are responsible for ensuring no litter is dropped in the park
  2. Drafting – drafting is not permitted. Any individuals found drafting by any of the Race Officials will be DQ’d
  3. Use of headphones whilst competing
  4. Nudity in transition

Time Penalty (2 minutes added to overall time for each violation and instance):

  1. Failure to secure helmet before removing the bike from the rack in transition and vice versa. Includes failure to keep helmet secure whilst riding
  2. Mounting bike (or cycling in transition) before the mount line
  3. Dismounting bike after the dismount line (or cycling in transition)
  4. Failure to give way to deer
  5. Use of mobile phones in transition or on the course while competing
  6. Untidy transition area – where kit is spread over a wider area than the permitted space (max 50 x 50 x 50cm/30L)
  7. Failure to rack bike in correct location

The Race Officials reserve the right to DQ or not permit to start, any participant who is, in their opinion, endangering others or not competing in the spirit of the event.